From Spider-Man, Insomniac wanted to cut Aunt May because of her wrinkles

Writer and famous comic book author Dan Slott told GamesRadar that โ€œSpider-Manโ€ Insomniac nearly lost the physical presence of Aunt Mae โ€” her wrinkled face was tricky to animate. The fact is that old characters really take too much time and effort โ€” to make them look good and realistic. Working on one such NPC is comparable to creating five regular NPCs.

The developers planned to dispense with May‘s single voice, which could be heard on the phone or on an answering machine. However, Slott managed to convince the Insomniac team to keep Auntie in the game.

He reasoned this with the fact that May โ€œdoesn’t have to be very wrinkly. โ€ Slott also cited actress Marisa Tomei, who played Aunt May in the Spider-Man films starring Tom Holland, as an example.

Apparently, Insomniac listened to it and rejuvenated the heroine a bit. More on Gamemania Saints Row Relaunch Authors Reveal Darkest Dungeon 2 Multiplayer Details Received Early Access Trailer โ€” October 26 In Multiplayer game Naughty Dog may appear RPG elements.