From the Life of Sea Monsters: Pixars Official Bow Trailer Released

Disney and studio Pixar have released an official trailer for the future full-length cartoon โ€œThe Onionโ€. And in it we finally showed who is who in the sunny seaside town of Portorosso. Our protagonist, a sea monster named Luka, goes in his best friend to the surface.

And there monsters take the look of ordinary boys and get involved in a whole series of summer adventures. Heroes are waiting for a ride on a bike and scooter, games with new friends, homemade pasta, ice cream and permanent risk of disclosure of โ€œunderwaterโ€ personalities.

If residents of a seaside town on the Italian Riviera find out who is in front of them, the monster boys will definitely not be too late. And at home they will get from parents for violating the ban to go on dry.

The premiere of the full-length cartoon โ€œLukeโ€ will take place on June 17. More on CCeit Authors Serial Cleaners showed the New York map 5 Pointz โ€œLet There Always Be the Sunโ€ as a leitmotif of the trailer of the film adaptation of โ€œWeโ€ Zamyatin B Expeditions: Rome to kill the Greeks and return Rome.