From these culinary podcasts the water runs in your mouth

Why just read or watch programmes about food, when you can listen to them too? These six podcasts take you into the culinary world.

1. My father is a takeaway Chinese

Nowadays every Dutchman has grown up with dรถner after going out, a bamischijf by the fries or babi pangang on Sundays. In this podcast Felicia Alberding talks about the different cross-border dishes that do and do not connect us in the Netherlands. Now that the Netherlands has collected just a little more food than usual, this is an inspiring podcast that you certainly shouldnt miss. father-is-a-grab Chinese

2. The Slow Melt

Cant you get enough of chocolate? The makers of the English-language podcast The Slow Melt know that feeling. The history up to the making process of chocolate is discussed in detail, paying attention to the people, places and processes behind this 100 billion dollar industry worldwide.

3. Chef

In this podcast, lids are lifted, refrigerators are looked at and cooks are asked to take the shirt off their bodies. “The more you know, the more you taste”, that motto is central to Cheft. The presenter Hiske Versprille takes you into the kitchens of Amsterdam.

4. What does the Podcast do?

Not a star chef? No problem at all! This home-grown podcast is meant for everyone, from the novice to the experienced home cooker. Every fortnight, Jonas Nouwen and Jeroen Doucet talk to you about new trends, recipes, ingredients, different kitchens and activities in the field of food and drink.

5. On our plate

We all know the famous supermarket Albert Heijn, but do we also know where the food from this supermarket comes from? In this podcast of the well-known supermarket, Justin Verkijk visits growers, farmers, producers and experts. Everyone wants to eat as good as possible, but what is that? In this podcast you will finally find out where your food comes from and what we can expect on our plates in the future.

6. Eat what the podcast

From a quick bite to an extensive romantic restaurant, Utrecht has many places and ways to eat out. In this podcast Ger de Gram and Jelle Schot will help you choose a restaurant. These podcast makers really dont have to be chic or expensive, shady and unexposed things are their favourite.