From tomorrow, keep a distance of 1.5 meters again mandatory, fine is 95 euro

From tomorrow, the weather is mandatory to keep a distance of 1.5 meters. Now its an urgent advice. The outgoing cabinet announced earlier that due to the ascending corona rules, an obligation will apply again, but that still had to be regulated legally.

That has now happened and from tomorrow, police and boas will be able to maintain it again. People who do not adhere to it will receive a warning and can then be fined of 95 euros.

According to the cabinet, keeping a distance of 1.5 meters is one of the most important basic rules to reduce the number of infections and prevent further overload of care.

1.5 meters not always and everywhere

The obligation applies to everyone 18 years and older, but not for people who belong to one household and also not in places where a corona admission ticket is needed, such as in a restaurant. For example, the one and a half meters is also mandatory in stores; practicing a sport where distance is not possible remains possible.

There is no

obligation even in other situations where keeping distance is not possible. Sometimes a face mask is mandatory there or other additional measures apply.

The obligation to keep a distance of one and a half meters has not been there since the end of September. And since November 6, another advice has been applied.

Union BOA ACP and police union ACP see nothing in the enforcement of the mandatory distance rule. Starting tomorrow, the weather will be obliged to keep 1.5 meters away and police and boas must maintain this. BOA ACP chairman Richard Gerrits calls it incomprehensible. โ€œIt cant be maintained with the capacity we have. Were just going back to the old: were going to alert and warn and only in the extreme penalty.โ€

Gerrits fears for the well-being of his enforcers. โ€œWe all know that people have become more aggressive and we dont feel like more people fall out. The willingness to live is simply not there right now. The life of the boa is not worth 95 euros. Own safety first. Especially when you see what happened last weekend. We did not come up with this policy, the cabinet does. Great that they take measures, but these are measures that threaten our safety.โ€

Gerrit van de Kamp of police union ACP also sees no salvation. โ€œWhere are we going to get those people from? Looking at last weekend, I wonder how they see this in front of them from tomorrow. Im very cynical. How on earth are we going to take care of this?โ€

Stores: most important period of the year

Shopping Association INretail is more to talk about the mandatory distance rule in stores. โ€œGive entrepreneurs the space to organize it,โ€ says a spokesperson. โ€œRoutes will have to be adjusted or walkways widened. This is not arranged immediately tomorrow at 9 am.โ€

In addition, visitors to the stores also play an important role. โ€œCustomers do need to cooperate and have the awareness to keep their distance. Safety is top priority. This is the most important period of the year, in terms of turnover, there is also a lot of damage to be overtaken.


Still, trust with the organization is great. โ€œThere was already urgent advice to keep their distance and if its good, entrepreneurs have followed that advice. Of course, experience has also been gained, so that will certainly work out well.โ€