FromSoftware shuts down servers in the PC version of the Dark Souls trilogy due to an exploit

FromSoftware projects have discovered an exploit that allows you to run malicious code to gain access to gamers personal data. The incident occurred on a users stream under the nickname The__Grim__Sleeper during a game session in Dark Souls 3 – an unknown person launched a speech synthesis program on his PC. After the information reached the developers, they shut down the servers in the PC versions of the Dark Souls trilogy, and also promised to do so in Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition.

While FromSoftware is working on a fix, a group of enthusiasts have updated the Blue Sentinel anti-cheat for Dark Souls 3. The new version prevents the exploit from working, and for Dark Souls 2, an updated version of the anti-cheat is being prepared in the same way.

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