Frozenheims Scandinavian strategy in May goes into early access

Studio Paranoid Interactive and publishing house Hyperstrange, known for work on Postal: Brain Damaged and Elderborn, announced a new project. Scandinavian urban simulator Frozenheim from May 20 will appear in early access Steam. In Frozenheim players will help the squad of exiles to settle in the northern hinterland.

The new clan must build a village for itself to escape from cold, famine and predators, and establish the extraction of resources and their processing. The development of the settlement can take place in various ways, depending on selected technologies and policies.

As the progress progresses, new buildings and units are opened. And the search for ancient shrines helps to gain the favor of Asgard.

When the village is sufficiently stronger, it will inevitably interest enemies. And they will have to reflect their forays in the course of strategic fights in real time.

However, you can go to the conquests yourself, including in multiplayer mode. More on Gambling Player Waiting Elden Ring daily kills Issin in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice In S.

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