FTM journalist on interview Sywert: ‘Not credible at all points’

Sywert van Lienden gave an interview on Sunday morning in the programme Buitenhof about the commotion around the mouth cap deal. Follow the Money journalist Jan-Hein Strop still has many questions after that conversation, he says to Nieuwsuur.

Van Lienden responded to television for the first time in Buitenhof. Journalist Jan-Hein Strop discovered, together with colleague Stefan Vermeulen, that Van Lienden remained 9 million euros from the deal.

According to Strop, the conversation in Buitenhof mainly raises questions. โ€œNot only as far as he is concerned but also about the role of the government,โ€ he says. โ€œMuch has been said that needs to be checked, where new research is needed. My general opinion: far from credible on all points.โ€

One of the things Strop finds remarkable is that Van Lienden says he wants to use the money for social purposes. โ€œWe know that in December last year he rigged a special construction to put that money in. And thats just a construction thats meant to cover up money. So why do you do that?โ€

Also, according to Strop, it is still not clear why Van Lienden and his partners were selected by the Ministry of VWS to deliver the mouthcaps. โ€œThere were already plenty of mouthcaps, up to the fourth wave. There were also better offers from reliable suppliers. Then why would you join this club, which existed just three days ago?โ€

Conversations with Minister

During the negotiation of the deal, Van Lienden had discussions with senior officials within the Ministry. โ€œHe has had frequent contact with the minister and senior officials of VWS. A lot of things have been discussed there, we dont know anything about what happened there yet.โ€

Strop believes that Minister Tamara of Ark should clarify the content of those talks. โ€œOtherwise, we may have another unpleasant situation as with the payment affair, in which the Chamber has to find out what has happened and things are leaking out of it. Just give brightness and transparency now. At one time.โ€