‘Fuel actions’ will continue until at least Wednesday, says union

The French trade union CGT does not agree with TotalEnergies‘s offer to go around the table and says that the โ€œfuel actionsโ€ will certainly continue until Wednesday. The actions coincide with strikes at two ExxonMobil refineries, leaving a third of the French pumping stations out of fuel.

According to the CGT trade union, there is blackmail by the oil and gas group. ExxonMobil had indeed offered to allow the annual wage negotiations to take place earlier, provided that CBT would stop stopping.

Meanwhile, pressure on President Macron’s administration to intervene is increasing. When visiting Mayenne, in the western part of the country, Macron said today that he hopes the matter will be resolved quickly. โ€œBlocking is no way to negotiate.โ€

The government has previously tried to put pressure on the strikers, but this has not led to results.

โ€œI‘ve been looking for petrol for three days,โ€ says a man at a gas station in France:

Yesterday, TotalEnergies offered to negotiate staff salaries. This increased the hope of an end to the actions. But the CGT has therefore rejected the offer.

The union wants wages to be increased by 10 percent and refers to TotalEnergies’s billion-dollar profit in the first quarter of this year. At the Paris stock exchange, the group lost a good 2 percent today.

Diesel reserves have now been released to prevent food production from being jeopardized. Sugar beet producers had warned of problems in the food chain if the beets are not removed from the country and processed.

ANWB: crossing the border with a full tank

This morning, the ANWB reported that a total of about a hundred reports of stranded Dutch people in France were received last weekend.

Most of the petrol stations along the French motorways are now out of fuel, warns the ANWB. The service therefore advises travellers to refuel in, for example, Luxembourg or Belgium and cross the border with a full tank.