Full-fledged Final Fantasy XIV will be released on May 25 on PlayStation 5

Square Enix announced that the full-fledged PS5-version of Final Fantasy XIV will be released in a week and a half, on May 25. Simultaneously, the game will receive a patch 5. 55.

Version for new generation consoles will receive much faster downloads, support for 4K resolution (and high resolution interface), 3D sound and features DualSense, as well as additional achievements. At the same time, as previously reported by the developers, players will be able to choose 1080p, 1440p and 4K as native resolution.

In the case of the first two promise stable 60 FPS in โ€œnormal game modeโ€, whereas in 4K – only about 40 frames per second. Currently PS5 version of Final Fantasy XIV is in the stage In addition, patch 5.

55 will add the second part of the Death Unto Dawn script, update Save the Queen quests by adding new yOrHa: Dark Apocalypse and awards. In the following months, developers will release much more updates, and on November 23 the Endwalker expansion is expected.

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