Full RvC Eredivisie CV resigns after reproaches towards Jaakke

The entire Supervisory Board of the Eredivisie CV has resigned. After President John Jaakke was voted out at a meeting of the Eredivisie CV, Peter Fossen and Oege Boonstra showed their solidarity.

Jaakke was accused mainly of smaller clubs for not defending their interests sufficiently.

Daily management in the hands of De Jong

The day-to-day management of the Eredivisie CV, which represents the interests of all the top division clubs, remains in the hands of director Jan de Jong. The Supervisory Board must supervise the Executive Board.

โ€œ The quality and continuity have lost in our opinion the animosity and emotionโ€, says Jaakke. There are good plans in preparation. Nevertheless, a number of clubs did not wish to wait for the further discussion.โ€

โ€œ This is, especially at this time, in our opinion an undesirable situation for paid football. Paid football faces big questions and challenges. Then there must be confidence and that is not enough for a number of clubs.โ€

Particularly short meeting

The position of the members of the RVC was the first item on the agenda of the meeting, which ended immediately after the President was sent away. It is planned that a new interest organisation will be formed for all paid football organisations this year.

The clubs will now have to discuss a new composition of the Board.