Full trailer released for FMV action Bloodshore

Wales Interactive, a company known for its story-driven FMV games, has announced a release date for the interactive Bloodshore film. On RS, iOS, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series and Nintendo Switch, the game will be available on November 3. The announcement was timed with a full-fledged announcing trailer for the dystopian battle royale.

In the game, we find ourselves on a mysterious island where opinion leaders, death row inmates, and forgotten celebrities compete for a cash prize that will change their lives. the trailer shows some of the difficult decisions players have to make.

Any of these can change the course of history, and to show all the development options, the developers have prepared eight hours of FMV footage. More on Gamemania All in! Games no longer serves as publisher of War Mongrels Urban Strategy Sphere โ€” Flying Cities is out in early access 505 Games will act as publisher of Serial Cleaners.