Funeral Prince Philip on April 17, Prince Harry present at ceremony

The funeral of the British Prince Philip will take place on 17 April and will become a small-scale family ceremony due to the British Coronare rules. Buckingham Palace reports that.

Queen Elizabeth‘s husband died yesterday at the age of 99. In the run-up to Philip’s farewell, there are eight days of national mourning in the UK.

Spokesmen of the palace also report that Prince Harry will be present at his grandfather‘s funeral. His wife Meghan is left in the United States on the advice of her doctor, because she is pregnant.

The relations between Harry and Meghan and the rest of the British royal family have been disrupted, among other things by a recent, controversial interview by the couple at Oprah.

No State Funeral

Yesterday it was announced that Philip will not receive a state funeral in the United Kingdom at his own request. According to the BBC, the prince wanted a funeral with little frills. The ceremony must be on television.

British people who came to Buckingham Palace today understand the choice of a small-scale funeral:

Buckingham Palace tells us that Philip helped to plan the service, which starts at 16.00 (Dutch time) with a minute’s silence. The ceremony takes place at Windsor Castle, in the chapel that belongs to the complex. That‘s where Philip is buried in the crypt of the royal family.

Complaints rain at BBC

After Philip’s death, who has been wasting with his health over the past few months, it rained condolences from world leaders, celebrities and other royal houses. British Prime Minister Johnson praised Philip as โ€œa beloved and respected public figureโ€. Johnson himself is not at the funeral, to give the prince‘s relatives the opportunity to attend. There’s room for 30 people because of the coronare rules.

Prince Charles said today that the royal family is โ€œvery gratefulโ€ for the statements of support for his dear Papa. โ€œIt will help us with this loss, in this particularly sad time,โ€ said Charles:

The BBC did receive many complaints about how the prince‘s death was brought. Viewers and listeners felt there was too much attention.

After Philip’s death, the BBC rigorously redirected the programming, leading to the removal of numerous radio and TV programmes. A lot of viewers were zaping away. Both BBC1 and BBC2 recorded lower ratings than one week previously.

At one point, the British broadcaster decided to place a special complaint form on the website because so many complaints were received. The BBC does not want to say exactly how many people have left a complaint.