Funeral tribute to British coronahero Captain Tom

Tom Moore has been said goodbye in the United Kingdom with much military tribute. Last year, the 100-year-old war veteran became world famous for his benefit for British health care in coronatijd. He died at the beginning of this month.

Because of the corona measures, only eight family members were able to attend Moore‘s funeral. However, millions of British people may have followed the farewell: the BBC broadcast the event directly on television.

Viewers could see how Britain brought him the last honor with salute shots and a fly-over:

By strolling around his backyard, Moore collected 33 million pounds last year, after which the 99-year-old Englishman was knighted by Queen Elizabeth. Since then, he wore the title โ€œSir.โ€ Prime Minister Johnson described him as โ€œa hero in the purest sense of the wordโ€.

The virus Moore fought against eventually killed him. On February 2, he died in the hospital, a few days after he had tested positive for the coronavirus. Moore had not yet been vaccinated because he could not be vaccinated because of a treatment for pneumonia.

Salvos, Union Jack and The Last Post

Moore served in the Second World War as a British soldier in India, Myanmar and the Dutch East Indies. Those acts of war gave him the rank of captain.

Today, Captain Tom was taken to the crematorium at his last hometown Bedford at the end of the morning. There were three salvos fired by a military guard of honor. On his coffin were his awards and the Union Jack, the British flag. Also, a C-47 Dakota plane flew over the farewell ceremony.

The farewell service was full of musical tribute. Michael Bublรฉ, among others, recited a song digitally. The Moore version of the Gerry & The Pacemakers classic You’ll Never Walk Alone was also played. A trumpeter closed the service with the military signal The Last Post.