FunX gives Akwasi award for important social contribution

This year FunX presented for the first time the Power Award in addition to the many music awards. The prize, which from now on will be presented annually to someone who has made an important social contribution to the radio station‘s target group, went to Akwasi.

The rapper received it because of his role in the fight against racism. The NPO station explained: Normally all awards are determined by the public, but for this special award FunX made an exception by giving one itself to someone who deserves it. Despite everything he gets over himself, he doesn’t give up and keeps going. And all for the good cause

Meanwhile, Akwasi is increasingly under fire after old violent tweets from him first surfaced and in the meantime an Article 12 procedure is underway to have him prosecuted for his inflammatory statement about Black Pete during the Black Lives Matter demonstration on the dam.

The prizes were awarded for the seventh time on Wednesday evening. Dj Fernando Halman presented the coronaproof show without an audience from the studio in Amsterdam.

Boef won the most prizes during the FunX Music Awards. The rapper already won two awards in the run-up to the presentation of Wednesday night and can now add two more. On Wednesday Boef won the award for best male artist of the year. For Tout Est Bon he can put the statue for best song on his mantelpiece. Earlier he was also voted best mc and his album Allemaal een droom (All a dream) was crowned.

Numidia won the female counterpart and beat colleagues Famke Louise, Yade Lauren, Lauwtje and Tabitha.