Furious Dumfries: Tadic shouldnt talk about my mother

Denzel Dumfries was boasted by PSV‘s tie (1-1) against Ajax. โ€œThis is frustrating and hurts,โ€ said the captain of the team from Eindhoven.

Once again PSV gave away a desired result in the final phase, just like Thursday against Olympiakos Piraeus in the Europa League. Dumfries used a handsball to create a penalty kick that Dusan Tadic used.

Dumfries tried to get Tadic out of concentration. He shot the ball away for a moment and tried to damage the penalty tip. Dumfries and Tadic almost got their fist after the punishable kick. Team mates could just prevent that from happening. โ€œHe shouldn’t talk about my mother like that, you shouldn‘t do that,โ€ said Dumfries. โ€œYou can call me, that’s fine. But not my mother. Clear, simple,โ€ said the defender at ESPN.

PSV has a six-point backlog on top runner Ajax, which has also played one less duel. Yorbe Vertessen seemed to set PSV to 2-0 just before the equalizer of Tadic. The hit of the substitute was rejected. The video referee saw he made hands. โ€œThat was such a shame,โ€ said Dumfries, who acknowledged that he had caused a penalty kick. โ€œIf I don‘t hit that ball with an arm, that ball will go in.โ€

Trainer Roger Schmidt thought his team was entitled to victory. โ€œWe should have finished it sooner. We got chances for a second or third hit,โ€ said the German, who was satisfied with the performance of his team.

Tactically it was top

โ€œTactical was the top, we did very well,โ€ said Schmidt. โ€œOnly the first quarter was difficult. After that, it ran exactly as we wanted. We gave nothing away and made a goal ourselves at a good time.โ€

Ajax took more risks after rest and PSV got some opportunities during the switch. Schmidt: โ€œIn possession, it might have been a bit better, but we’ve made progress. Both Thursday against Olympiakos and today against Ajax.โ€

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