Furious Jans announces changes: ‘Terrible, broom goes through it’

Ron Jans is furious after the 3-0 defeat of his FC Twente with Fortuna Sittard. The trainer won only twice in 2021 with the Tukkers and also in Limburg didnt want to succeed.
The second half that Twente put on the mat caused a lot of frustration to Jans. โ€œIt
s collapsing so far, I havent seen that with this team this season,โ€ he says to ESPN. โ€œWe were defenseless and we could have lost by 5-0 if Joรซl Drommel hadnt taken a few more balls.โ€
The trainer promises changes to his team. โ€œYou can lose, but not without having fought. We fell into that horribly through the ice. Every time you have a chance to turn it around, because we couldnt wait any longer. Now the broom really goes through. Next week against Heracles, we must have a completely different mindset.โ€
Twente started the season well and was a stable subtopper, but due to the moderate results of the last months they dropped to place twelve. Participation in the play-offs to European football seems far away for Jans and his own. The backlog of Heracles, which occupies place eight, is five points.