‘Further easing England by four weeks postponed’

The further coronavirus easing in England will be postponed by four weeks. British Prime Minister Boris Johnson will announce that on Monday, British media report.

The British would welcome a so-called Freedom Day on 21 June, but further easing would be postponed until July 19. This means, among other things, nightclubs stay closed longer. The current rules for sports, hospitality and cinemas do not change anything.

โ€œWe have to take one last bump,โ€ said a source against Sky News. โ€œIts a race between vaccination and the virus.โ€ Because of the space that is now being created, there would be more time to vaccinate more people with a second dose as well. The postponement is associated with the emergence of the so-called delta variant of the coronavirus, which comes from India and is more contagious than the British variant.

Studies have shown that the current vaccines are well protected against the Indian variant during full vaccination.


delayed Freedom Day means that there will be no big festivals and performances possible. Sporting events cannot continue at full capacity either. The hospitality industry also works with limited occupancy and that would still be maintained for another month. That would cost the hospitality industry some ยฃ3.5 billion, and the whole economy would deteriorate 4.5 billion. And the decision could – again – cost thousands of jobs.