Futuristic Mobile PUBG: New State Releases November 11

The creators of the new PUBG mobile, subtitled New State, revealed the games release date of November 11 for iOS and Android. More than 28 countries will participate in the launch, and the final battle royal test with unusual battlefield and setting will take place from 29-30 October. The project will take place in 2051, with 4 unique maps and 17 languages to choose from.

Developers promise a long-term support plan that includes the release of new content, mechanics vs. cheaters, and so on.

In addition to the release, the Drone Store, Recruit System, and the ability to customize weapons will be launched. More on Gamemania Charlie Cox on new cast for Daredevil: โ€œIll fight for this roleโ€ Halo Infinite creators talk about features of PC version Steves Growth from Minecraft turned out to be higher than most men.