FVD board asks for departure Baudet

Thierry Baudet is invited to leave the Board of the Forum for Democracy as a matter of immediate effect. Thats what a spokesman says on behalf of the party board. The reason for this is the video message of Baudet, in which he announces that he wants to become party chairman and leader again, and that he writes an election among the members.

โ€œ Thierry Baudet was immediately removed from the Board of the Forum for Democracy,โ€ says the Party Boards statement. โ€œHis list election was not a board decision.โ€


little later, a statement by the party board came after that, in which Baudet was granted to step out of the board. โ€œBecause he did not comply with the agreements made today within the board. We are confident that he understands that and immediately resigns his administrative duties and thus leaves the board.โ€

Shortly before half past five, Baudet posted a video on the social media channel of FvD: โ€œThe board gave me an ultimatum: I can no longer access the social media accounts of Forum voor Democracy. (…) Have these people gone crazy? Instead of going into my elections, they want to disbarred me if I dont give up access to my social media.โ€

With this, a stalemate has arisen. Earlier on Wednesday, Baudet posted a video online to everyones surprise in which he speaks of โ€œcharacter murderโ€ and โ€œall kinds of things to blacken me and put me out of Forumโ€. He announced list election.


With this Baudet once again surprised his party mates. On Monday he put his position as a leader at his disposal, and Tuesday he also gave up his party presidency. A day later, none of that applies anymore. โ€œI step back into the spotlight and make myself available as a leader and party chairman,โ€ he says in the video statement.

FVD board member Astrid de Groot announced that he was robbed by Baudets announcement to hold internal elections. โ€œThis was not a board decision. Write that down!โ€

Wybren van Haga, who actually acts as the third MP of the FvD, was there as the chickens to express his support for Baudets action: โ€œThis is as it should be in a democratic party. Thierry is the founder of this beautiful party that is crucial to the Netherlands and that is why he has my unconditional support.โ€ The FVD youngsters also started a campaign under the slogan vote Thierry back.


reason for Baudets latest maneuver was the departure of parliament member Theo Hiddema and group leader in the Senate Paul Cliteur. He had expected peace from his resignation, but he did not come, he says. โ€œA bitchfight has arisen, a fight in public in which all sorts of trouble is carried on to me.โ€


He referred, among other things, to the statement of party prominent Annabel Nanninga, who demanded that Baudet leave Tuesday. โ€œOnly by completely resigning from the board can Thierry Baudet save the Forum for Democracy.โ€

Its unclear what Nanningas gonna do now that Baudet refuses to leave. The Amsterdam councilman is supported by a large proportion of the candidate MPs, including the number three, Nicki Pouw-Verweij: โ€œAnnabel Nanninga is the most courageous woman I know,โ€ wrote the candidate member of parliament on Twitter Tuesday evening.

Mail to the members

Wednesday Baudet sent an email to the members explaining why he was opting out of the election. โ€œIn addition to a desertion of members and people like Hiddema and Cliteur, an attack has also arisen against me in which character murder is committed and opportunists who seemed to be faithful and enthusiastic party mates for years trying to break me and FVD with false and totally unbelievable reproaches that you wished to dismiss orally but which you did not wish to make a written statement on.โ€

In the letter he wonders where โ€œlove has gone with you, where the rush comes from to get throughโ€. โ€œIf that becomes the tone, there is a seizure of power – and a fundamental change of course. That is what Members have to decide. Thats why Im writing a leadership election. The people who want things to go differently can run. I provide a digital infrastructure.โ€ According to Baudet, the members can vote on 30 November and 1 December.

Shortly after his announcement, a locksmith was spotted at the party office in Amsterdam to replace the locks there. Board member De Groot suddenly no longer has access to the partys Twitter account.

Baudet then spoke to DeccEit of a coup. He says hes not the one who had the locks changed. โ€œI cant enter the party office if they dontnew key.โ€

Is this allowed?

Within the party immediately arose questions whether Baudet is in a position to make a list election. It was also unclear whether the founder of Forum had resigned as party chairman, or whether he had just said so. Baudet is still registered as chairman at the Chamber of Commerce. It seems that by proclaiming the leader election, he acted in violation of his own party rules. According to insiders, Baudet still has full control over the partys media channels. Hes hijacked them, reports a party prominent.

That accusation is confirmed by Baudets statements against DeccEit: โ€œI have the social media accounts and the e-mail addresses of FvD. I can email those people for an election, and it would be crazy if the board would stop me.โ€

According to Baudet, the choice of a possible candidate election is not up to the board, but to the members. โ€œIf the majority of the members say, it must be different than that,โ€ says Baudet Wednesday afternoon TegenCCEit. He suggests that the people who want him away can also set up a party themselves: โ€œIf they want something else, why dont they split up?โ€ If he wins the leadership elections, board members who are โ€œagainst me,โ€ says Baudet.