Gabby Petito (22) turns out strangled, partner still looking

22-year-old American Gabby Petito, whose missing was big news in the United States and elsewhere, appears to have been strangled. Her body was found almost a month ago in a park in Wyoming state. She was murdered three or four weeks before, according to a coroner. Meanwhile, her boyfriend has been without a trace for a month.

Preliminary investigation had already revealed that young Petito had been murdered, but for a final report it was waiting for the coroner to have thoroughly examined the woman‘s body. That report now confirms that it is indeed about murder, and that Petito was killed by strangulation.

Family had reported Petito missing after her partner Brian Laundrie had returned alone from their months-long road trip across the US on September 1, which they reported extensively on YouTube and Instagram. Laundrie issued an arrest warrant as a suspect for illegally using a Petito debit card. It’s still not found.

Laundrie is not officially suspected of the murder yet, although American public opinion considers him the suspected killer. The police and the FBI have now labeled him a person of interest.