Gabe Newell explained why Steam banned games with NFTs

Last fall, Valve banned publishing games using blockchain or NFT on Steam. At that time, the company did not explain its decision, but now the head of the company, Gabe Newell, told Eurogamer. What are NFTs, what they do in games and why Valve is oppositeAccording to the creator Steam, all the projects of this kind were superficial and schematic.

In addition, a variety of behind-the-scenes events around blockchain and non-fungible tokens had a negative impact on their perception. The same problem was when we started accepting cryptocurrencies, and half of the transactions turned out to be fraudulent.

Its hard not to think bad of them after that. In addition, the volatility of the rate meant that people simply did not understand how much they were actually paying.

Yes, prices have been linked to the blockchain, but most are not paid in crypto-currencies. Gabe NewellAs we remember, the field of gaming involving blockchain technologies and NFT tokens is still far from stability and the legal framework.

Fraud in them is not uncommon. And players are mostly opposed to attempts by companies like EA, Ubisoft, Team 17, and GSC Game World to implement such features.

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