Gabriel Luna posted a photo from the film adaptation of The Last of Us

Gabriel Luna, as Tommy in the film adaptation of The Last of Us, shared a photo from the set of HBO. In addition to him, Pedro Pascal, who plays Joel, as well as Nico Parker, acting as the heros daughter, Sarah. In addition, the director of the first episodes, Kantemir Balagov (“Dylda”) and cameraman Ksenia Sereda.

Apparently, the authors are working on a scene from the prologue of the original game when the characters are tried to leave during the outbreak of infection. Or perhaps the creators added an additional episode that has been reported before — especially since its a day in the frame rather than night.

The exact premiere date of the series doesnt have yet. More on CCeit War Hospital Developers announced collaboration with Imperial War Museum Hell Invades Heaven allows God to charge hot water bill “Wrath of Man” topped “Movie Search HD” top views in June.