‘Gakpo sank through the ice’: ‘Manchester United seems like a bad idea’

Manchester United wants to go ahead for Cody Gakpo, but the PSVer was unable to issue his calling card in the game with AS Monaco on Tuesday. In the latest episode of #DoneDeal the podcast, the conclusion is clear: both parties should refrain from a transfer.
โ€œI wrote down very briefly
dont do. It seems like a bad idea from both sides,โ€ says Thomas van Rooijen. Ruben Winkels fully agrees with that. โ€œBased on yesterday (Tuesday, ed.), it would be a very strange transfer. He has nothing to do there at the moment. There were many international scouts in the stands. These are the matches in which it has to happen.โ€
So Gakpo was certainly unable to live up to the high expectations against AS Monaco. โ€œHe wasnt there with his head and was very concerned with himself. He really struggled. Then you can score twice against FC Emmen, but those are not the matches that big clubs rely on when they get a player for that much money,โ€ says Winkels. PSV would demand at least forty million euros.
Dennie van Laar also doesn
t think Gakpo is ready for a top Premier League club. โ€œHe didnt show it. In a big and important game, he was unable to take his team by the hand. The first thing on my mind was Memphis Depay, who went from PSV to United. Surely it was a lot further and better than Gakpo now. He sank a bit through the ice.โ€