Galatasaray coach Terim praise about Schmidt: ‘Important Things Done’

Fatih Terim prepares his Galatasaray for the first match against PSV in the Champions League prerounds. The Turkish practice master praises the club from Eindhoven and his colleague Roger Schmidt.
Galatasarays preparation for the first game with PSV was not too good. Two players dropped off due to a positive corona-virus test and a practice game with Olympiakos was cancelled after the Galatasaray selection was stopped at a Greek airport. That is why they decided to return to Turkey.
Schmidt already said to have watched many Galatasaray matches before. “And that
s very smart about PSV,” Terim starts at the press conference for the Wednesday night competition. “We still have the same coach and many of the same players. But we have to assume our own qualities.”
Rating Schmidt had already noted Tuesday night that there is no definite favorite tomorrow. Terim agrees with this. “PSV is an important club in the Netherlands and has a great history,” the practice master continues. “Just look at the texts and photos in this stadium. We watched PSVs matches against VfL Osnabrück and PAOK Saloniki. They have skilled players and want to put high pressure. In addition, I have a lot of appreciation for Schmidt, he has already done important things for football in his career”, Terim concludes.