Gambling is looking for a specialist in the gaming gland

We have opened a vacancy for the author on the game iron. This is one of the most exciting works, where you will be the first in the world to personally get acquainted with the novelties of iron โ€” starting with mice, keyboards and ending with the most powerful systems with two RTX 3090, projectors, VR helmets and TVs in the entire wall. For this you need nothing – love for iron and the ability to clearly express your thoughts.

What we need from you: interest in the game hardware ability to analyze information good Russian language understanding the specifics of game iron, ability to work with tables and such documentation (preferably). Unfortunately, since all the iron is physically concentrated in Moscow, we are looking for the author first of all in the capital.

However, if you guru theory and can literally explain on your fingers how the block works predictions of branches in the last generation of AMD Zen 3, where all video cards went and why 7 nm in reality is not 7 nm – write, we will rady. Send your resume to welcome