Game valentines: developers congratulated everyone on Valentines Day

Today, the whole world celebrates Valentine‘s Day, also known as Valentine’s Day. Many developers have decided to congratulate the players by publishing themed valentines, art, videos and more. We have collected some congratulations below.

Pink is cool, chocolate tastes better than canned meat and that a flower bouquet is the best thing one can find in a habar stache. — a very bold stalker at the Bar.

But hey, it‘s February 14th, and don’t forget that it‘s also the Ferris wheel day, so go catch those sights! pic. twitter.

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R. OFFICIAL (#ValentinesDay cutouts would you most like to give someone, & which one of them would you most like to get from someone else? pic. twitter.

com/uo7GKKJ2J3— Bethesda (@bethesda) February 13, 2022Bethesda wants to know which of these valentines players would like to give and which, on the contrary, would like to getCity of dreams, city of.

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love ! Just because a pick up line is cheesy, doesn‘t mean it won’t work! Try one yourself and thank us later pic. twitter.

com/VMWRfYor34— Cyberpunk 2077 (@CyberpunkGame) February 14, 2022The creators of Cyberpunk 2077 have prepared several variants of a tackle with heroes for players Night CityRoses are RedViolets are BlueIf I had a Pizza‘d share it with you ✨ From all of us at Naughty Dog, Happy Valentine’s Day! pic.

twitter. com/4po12uvatk—Naughty Dog (#ValentinesDay, Spartans! To help you celebrate the occasion, here‘s some cards for you to share among you and yours: https://t. co/ohhF43HBeV pic.

twitter. com/ild9Shxniz—Halo (@remedygames) Remedy drew a cute heart in the snowRoses are RedXbox is GreenPut a Valentine in our BoxOr we’ll cause a scene pic. twitter.

com/0iqulikQMD— Xbox (@Xbox) February 14, 2022Xbox recalled that roses are red and Xbox green Time to spread the love, baby! Send these Dr.

Hakim-approved #ValentinesDay cards to that special player two in your life! ✨ pic.

twitter. com/0tiuHB2eji— Electronic Arts (@LondonStudioHQ) February 14, 2022PlayStation London studio congratulated other PlayStation studios with the poem View this post on Instagram post shared by Nintendo UK (@insomniacgames) February 14, 2022Insomniac Games has prepared valentines with Ratchet & amp; Clank: Rift ApartHappy Valentine’s Day! It doesn‘t matter if you’ve found your soul mate, you can always feel love in our UBI universe.

#Ubisoft pic.

twitter. com/g0uiwicddv—Ubisoft Russia (#ValentinesDay everyone! We know a certain who is just dying to be your Valentine.

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pic. twitter.

com/phovazirns—Firesprite (@FirespriteGames) February 14, 2022Firesprite showed someone who just dies of desire to become our valentySorry we had to wait! A fair wind blew out, and it‘s time to depart.

Hold on tight! I’m like thisI wanted to show you the sunset on the sea for a long time and today is such a beautiful day Look how beautiful it is! We‘ll have dinner together on board in the evening. #Beidou pic.

twitter. com/cfcparushJ— Genshin Impact EN (#ValentinesDay, we ask you, what are some of the other Chaos god’s champions love languages? Wrong answers only.

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#TotalWar @totalwar) February 14, 2022The creators of Total War and the Love Language of Chaos Champions Happy Valentine‘s Day! pic.

twitter. com/qsjnq6zkkr— Forza Horizon (#ValentinesDay, Warriors of Light! ❤️ To share the, tag someone you’re happy to share your adventures with: a friend, partner, hunt train organizer, or even your fave NPC! pic.

twitter. com/p9s6befbxe— FINAL FANTASY XIV (@TombRaider @SquareEnix) February 14, 2022Tomb Raider creators celebrate Lara Croft‘s birthday and remember a couple of Iona and AbbyXbox offers to choose the favorite gameNew World creators showed a great place for the Day Valentine’s Day with His Soulmate More at Gambling Total War: Warhammer III Preload Will Start Tomorrow Defeat Fears and Save the World — Batora: Lost Haven got a story trailer Action and romance – the authors of Wanted: Dead released a new atmospheric trailer.