Game war Sony and Microsoft now really taking off: details Playstation and Xbox known

The battle between Xbox and Playstation has broken out now that prices and sales dates have been announced. It is a moment that gamers have been waiting for for years. The last time new consoles from Sony and Microsoft came on the market was in 2013.

The most expensive and most powerful versions of the next generation of (next-gen) game consoles, the Playstation 5 and Xbox Series X, will both cost 499 euros. For the first time, cheaper models that are fully digital and cannot read discs will also be launched on the market. However, there is a price difference.

The Xbox Series S costs 299 euros and the Playstation 5 Digital Edition costs 399 euros. That difference is under the bonnet: where Sonys consoles are equally powerful, the cheaper Xbox is graphically capable of less than its more expensive brother.

Games become more expensive

The latest games seem to cost more. This is at least true for some Playstation games. Whether this price increase also applies to Xbox is still unclear. Game publishers have been saying for years that making games is becoming increasingly time-consuming and expensive.

The Playstation models will be released in Europe on 19 November and can possibly be reserved as early as today. The Xbox consoles will arrive more than a week earlier, on 10 November, and can be ordered in advance as of next week.

In a presentation last night Sony showed a series of new games. The sixteenth part of the popular Final Fantasy series, which has been around for decades, was unveiled. The sequel to the award-winning game God of War was also shown and a new Harry Potter game was presented.

Battle between Sony and Microsoft

Sony has been trying for years to distinguish itself with games that are made by its own studios and can only be played on Playstation. This year this applies to the new Spider-Man and Demons Souls, among others. It has also been announced that a lot of popular Playstation 4 games can be played on Playstation 5 from the start, provided that people have a subscription to Sonys online service.

With the new Xbox, Microsoft finally wants to step out of Sonys shadow. More than twice as many Playstation 4 games have been sold as Xbox One. Microsoft cannot compete with Sony on many exclusive titles, but wants to turn the tide by offering a cheaper console and by promoting its Game Pass. This is a growing collection of dozens of games that can be played for a fixed monthly fee.

The American company is also praised for making hundreds of games easily available that could be played on older consoles years ago. Playstation is lagging behind in this respect. Microsoft is going into the new generation somewhat damaged by the fact that the new Halo part, one of Xboxs most popular game series, has had to be postponed until next year.