Gamedec authors talked about professions, deduction and aspects

The Isometric Adventure Gamedec will be released soon on September 16, and Anshar‘s creators continue to talk about the game’s details and mechanics. Not long ago they showed the character creation, and since then they‘ve released three exploratory trailers at once. The first one is about deduction.

All the extracted evidence and evidence goes to a special panel, where it is located according to the reference to events and people. But each piece of evidence can come from several different conclusions, and we have to make choices that will lead to certain consequences.

It’s a kind of virtual currency that we invest in developing professions. Our hero will get aspects through conversations with characters and interactions with the environment.

Finally, another trailer dedicated to professions. This is one of the main mechanics of the game, as mastering the professions not only gives you additional opportunities to interact and explore the world.

Professions determine the protagonist, as do all the decisions we make, and shape the course of the plot. GameDec is released on PC and Nintendo Switch.

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