Gameplay Far Cry 6 to be shown on Friday

Ubisoft announced the premiere of the gameplay Far Cry 6 – it will take place on May 28 at 19:30 Moscow time. The shooter was supposed to be released back in February, but Ubisoft postponed it for further polishing, and the release is expected until the end of September. The villain again became the โ€œfaceโ€ of the project โ€” this time Anton Castillo played by Giancarlo Esposito.

The main character has to overthrow the next regime, for which it is necessary to help the local resistance. More on Gambling Kirby Howell-Baptist to Play Death in Netflixs โ€œSand Manโ€ Injustice: Gods Among Us Headliner Xbox Live Gold for June Star Wars: Squadrons and Two other games will give out to PS Plus subscribers.