Gamers complain about poor optimization of Deathloop for PC

The new Arkane shooter, Deathloop about the time loop, was released on PC and PS5. The project was well liked by critics, who praised it in recent reviews, but after its release on PC players have faced a number of technical problems. Now the game on Steam has mixed reviews based on nearly a thousand opinions from users who have tried the project.

The main problem in most reviews is optimization, which leaves much to be desired. Most complaints are related to FPS decline, even on the most powerful PCs โ€” sometimes fall to 30 FPS and below.

Past Downtown. I get to the Control Center.

Two steps with the โ€œCut Scenes11 fps. 11 ********** fps and it doesn‘t change.

Preset the graphics to the LOWEST. I can’t lower resolution 1280×720, no variations of 16×9 below, my screen will float.

In addition, users note that Deathloop does not see all the memory on individual graphics cards and generally have problems with this technical point. consumes 5299 Mb/5284 Mb.

That is, some lefty game doesn‘t see the entire memory of the graphics card. And this is even though other games in the settings see all my 6GB and allow them to be used.

GradovichIn addition, the game has problems with anti-aliases, brakes, and freezes. For some users, Deathloop simply crashes some time after starting.

Many dissatisfied people noted that they would wait for further patches, after which they would change their negative rating to more positive – if the situation rectified. Some, however, did not wait and made a refund.

The game has obvious performance problems. I did not meet with microfreezes, met with friezes for tens of seconds.

I don’t recommend it yet. Back to the topic in half a year or a year.

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