Gamers rent empty cinema: ‘Especially the sound is fantastic’

In South Korea, cinemas rent the halls to gamers who want to see their digital adventures projected on the screen. For 74 euros, Korean youth can enjoy themselves for two hours by making the daily game of Call of Duty into a cinematographic feast, reports the BBC.

Seated in an almost empty cinema room, Eui Jeong Lee takes fire to her three gamers. The blasts of the war game projected on the white screen reverberate through the theatre from all sides. , โ€œEspecially the sound quality is fantasticโ€, finds the 25-year-old student. ,, The sound of the gun pops is just lifelike! And when something flew directly at me on that big screen I even shouted for a moment,โ€ she continues enthusiastically.

Lee and her friends have reserved the screen for two hours at a branch of South Koreas largest cinema chain called CGV. Because of the coronavirus, many cinemas in the Asian country have had to close their doors. The film theatres are only allowed to fill 50 percent of the seats, and there are hardly any films released to prevent people from visiting the cinemas on a massive scale. In order to be able to obtain coronaproof sales in these harsh times, CGV decided to open its doors to the gamers audience.

Before 18.00 hours, a group of up to four people can rent a screen for 74 euros for two hours. Later in the evening the price will be increased to 111 euros. Gamers who use the cinema halls must also bring their own consoles, games and controllers.

Jar gaming

The idea came from CGV employee Seung Woo Han, because he thought that games and movies match in many aspects. ,, Both have a narrative element, so if you can watch a movie in the cinema, why not play a game of games?โ€ , he explains his idea to the BBC.

Despite CGV not dragging in as much revenue as in normal times, the gamers provide an extra buffer in the financially difficult pandemic period. Since the game service opened its doors to the public at the beginning of this year, it has been used at least 130 times.