Gamers unhappy with censorship revealed in GTA: The Trilogy trailer

And while Rockstar has always encouraged the public to treat the Grand Theft Auto series with irony, the attacks of morality campaigners have continued over the years. It seems that the developers are in some way they waved their hands and made adjustments not only to the updated version of GTA V, but also the upcoming release of GTA: The Trilogy โ€” The Definitive Edition. Reddit user pointed out that in one of the cutscenes of the remaster of GTA: Vice City, Phil Cassidy is dressed in a different jersey โ€” instead of the Confederate flag there now flaunts a skull.

Since many people associate this symbol with racism, the developers decided to protect themselves from possible attacks. However, they can‘t avoid attacks by fans of the series now โ€” Reddit has risen quite a heated discussion.

โ€œWhat else will they change to the modern audience? Talks on the radio? Hero dialogues? Targets? โ€œ,โ€ the creator of the theme wonders Chazza354. Recall that GTA: The Trilogy โ€” The Definitive Edition will be released on PC, PlayStation, Xbox and Nintendo Switch as early as November 11.

The Android and iOS versions will be released next year. More on CCeit In celebration of the series’ anniversary, Payday creators spoke about Payday 3 IGN revealed 17 minutes from the first chapter of Guardians of the Galaxy by Jessie McCree of Overwatch will turn into Cole Cassidy โ€” as early as October 26.