Games have become Konamis only destination with growth — patinko and casinos are falling

In a fresh quarterly report, Konami announced an annual revenue decline of just 0. 6% to $1. 8 billion.

For such a slight fall against the backdrop of the global pandemic, the corporation should thank its video game direction – its annual revenues grew by 33% to 1. 3 billion dollars.

However, operating profit for the year increased by 75. 3% (!) , reaching $482.

8 million in 9 months. In many ways, this was made possible by record revenue from mobile games, especially Professional Baseball Spirits A and the portable version of PES 2021.

Also, Momotaro Dentetsu showed itself perfectly: Showa, Heisei, Reiwa mo Teiban! for Switch – in a few weeks its circulation exceeded 2. 5 million copies.

But other Konami offices showed a decrease in annual revenues by 31 -48% – this applies to casinos, patinko, arcades and gyms. But the video game direction has every chance to show a record year.

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