GameVaults: World of Warcraft Edition taken out on Kickstarter

With the blessing and support of Blizzard Entertainment, GameVaults is creating a unique desktop strategy, GameVaults: World of Warcraft Edition. It consists of more than six hundred parts and has more than 88 million walks. GameVaults is an asymmetrical game, with one player controlling 20 fragments and the second, the striker, the total 4.

The playing field is raised over the table by more than 10 centimeters, and the installation of additional parts hides part of the field from the opponent‘s eyes. To win the attacker must โ€œgrabโ€ at least five chips defender.

And the defender has enough to surround all four of the striker’s figures. You can only move any parts in the direction the game field allows.

For the GameVaults: World of Warcraft Edition Kickstarter campaign to succeed, the creators must assemble half a million dollars. For that, they have 36 days.

And send out the game for now only across the United States. More on Gaming Dangerous Games: Over a year in the US, 13,000 people have suffered game-related injuries The success of Among Us has been a challenge for its creators Crossroads Inn make tabletop game.