Garbage Trash Battles to Unfold on June 4

Publishing house GrabtheGames has decided on the release date of the studio‘s debut game Homebased. The homeless life simulator Garbage will appear on Steam on June 4. Developers changed their plans: earlier they were going to release the game first in early access.

In Garbage we will get the role of a homeless person in all its glory: to get food, keep warm and at least somehow wash, have to work hard. Fortunately, bums can gather in a squad and try to equip their own base.

Players will expand, strengthen and finish the homeless camp with their help. And also send them to raids in various locations of the city for garbage, from which all the necessary items of use are made.

Nobody just won’t give your garbage, for it will have to fight. The fights in Garbage take place automatically, and their outcome decides how much our fighter has been prepared.

This will contribute to regular training on the base. Get acquainted with the gameplay helps free prologue Garbage: Hobo Prophecy.

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