Gario doesnt recognize in accusations, expects digital “lynch party”

Quinsy Gario does not recognize any of the allegations that he behaved manipulatively and toxic against volunteers of the Bij1 political party, where he was number two on the list. In a response to Decceit, he claims to be disconcerted, shocked and sad.

Gario responds to the statements of party leader Sylvana Simons and party chairman Jursica Mills at Bij1‘s General Members’ Meeting. Both defended the decision to suspend Gario as a member there. Other members felt unsafe because Gario was masculine dominant, fired, and seconded, said in an external report.

There have apparently been signals about me since the campaign, but no one has ever appealed to me for it, says Gario. I‘ve worked with a lot of people and did projects. I know I’m integrity. That I did everything I could to create a good campaign. Then I was not told about my behavior and now it comes out.

Life in Danger

The general meeting was a private meeting, but the board of Bij1 reported on Twitter this afternoon. As a result, President Mills‘s statements can be read to everyone. Gario is too disconcerted about that.

I don’t understand why my life needs to be compromised. I‘m sure I’m going to see a digital lynch party again. The trust he had in the party has now been violated, says Gario.