Gas leak after fire in apartment building in Amsterdam-Noord

In Amsterdam-Noord, a nine-storey apartment has been vacated due to a fire and a gas leak. Hundreds of people had to leave their homes and were temporarily housed in a community centre and a sports hall.

The fire has been extinguished and the gas network has been secured by network operator Liander. According to the fire department, the apartment residents are allowed to go home in the course of the evening. No one was hurt in the fire and evacuation.

Water pipe also hit

The fire department initially came to the apartment to put out a fire in a basement box. That fire caused a gas leak. During the extinguishing, the meters of the fire brigade turned out and gas appeared to be present in several basement boxes. Then the flat was immediately evacuated.

The residents of ten homes in the apartment building will be accommodated somewhere else tonight. During excavation work tonight, a water pipe has been hit so that they have no water and there is no gas in these homes.