Gay people are also allowed to donate blood plasma: viruses are easier to remove

Gay people are allowed to donate blood plasma. Not yet because of the ‘risk profile’, but according to Sanquin blood bank, it is safe to use homosexual blood plasma as donor material.

Men have a sharply increased risk of blood-transmitted infections after sexual contact with another man. Sanquin makes no exception between men with a monogamous sexual relationship and men who have sex with more partners.

Gays are allowed to donate blood, but only four months after the last sexual contact. More stringent requirements apply to blood plasma and homosexual men did not qualify for this.

Remove viruses better

โ€œ That was a requirement of the plasma processing industry, but viruses can now be better removed from the plasma with all sorts of new innovations,โ€ says Marloes Metaal of Sanquin in in the CCEit Radio 1 Journal. The blood bank wants the same requirements for donating plasma as for giving blood.

Blood plasma contains a lot of antibodies and they cannot be artificially counterfeited. The antibodies are necessary for the development and production of medicines. The demand for plasma is very high, especially in this coronatijd, and therefore additional donors are needed.

Today, Sanquin talks with the Ministry of VWS and gay interest organization COC about giving blood plasma by gays and when exactly it will take effect.