Geert Wilders again threatened by al-Qaeda terrorist movement

The al-Qaeda terrorist movement recently threatened the Dutch politician Geert Wilders. This is reported in the newspaper Le Monde. The French newspaper has a statement in the hands of the so-called Yemeni branch of al-Qaeda, AQAP.

Part of the statement was already published on Friday. It then became known that the terror organisation was making threats to the French weekly Charlie Hebdo. Le Monde now has the complete and Arabic-language statement, which is five pages long. “It calls for attacks on Charlie Hebdo, on Dutch MP Geert Wilders and on Danish and Swedish cartoonists’, writes the French newspaper.

Al-Qaida literally talks about “the Dutch criminal named Geert Wilders“, says one of the journalists from Le Monde to the CCeit. The statement makes no further mention of the politician’s name.


The Yemeni branch of al-Qaeda is held responsible for the attack on Charlie Hebdo in January 2015, which followed the publication of controversial Mohammed cartoons by the French satirical weekly. Eleven people were killed by the Kouachi brothers.

In Paris, the trial of that attack is ongoing until the beginning of November. At the end of this month a headline of AQAP is heard there, Peter Cherif, who is often mentioned as inspirator or commissioner of the attack. There is no official charge against him for the terrorist act.

Call can inspire

Among specialists, the current power and influence of the al-Qaeda branch, which now threatens Charlie Hebdo, Geert Wilders and Scandinavian cartoonists, is under varying scrutiny. Since 2015, AQAP has weakened considerably, but the threat has not disappeared.

French intelligence services consider it unlikely that an attack such as that on Charlie Hebdo, who recently re-published the controversial cartoons, will be well organised from abroad again. They do fear, however, that recent appeals such as that by al-Qaeda may ‘inspire’ people to carry out an attack in Western countries.

You have to take these threats seriously,” said journalist and terrorist specialist Wassim Nasr on French radio. When you read their statement, you notice that they are following current events, that they are aware of political and social details. The organisation still exists, despite the death of Bin Laden and the competition from IS”

Reaction Wilders

“Terrible news”, says Geert Wilders in a reaction. “I was already on their hit list, I already have two fatwas from Pakistan and now another al-Qaeda homicide call. This is disgusting. This has cost me my freedom for sixteen years, something I do not allow my worst enemy”