Geert Wilders also cancel election broadcast Nieuwsuur

Geert Wilders canceled an interview at Nieuwsuur on Thursday. The PVV leader says that he needs to prepare for the debate with Mark Rutte at Pauw later that evening.

The PVV leader said months ago to join the current series of Nieuwsuur, but let the invitation go. The program offered an alternative date, but Wilders was not interested in that.

In the run-up to the elections, Nieuwsuur will make a series of election broadcasts in which the lists of all the parties elected in the House of Representatives are invited. A different form has been chosen than debates: thematic broadcasts by party, with voters from their own circle with a question, a critical interview and a survey among the constituents.

Newssuur-editor-in-chief Joost Oranje calls it incredibly disappointing that Wilders is dropping out. You can hope that politicians, especially in election time, do not escape the critical interview.

Not the first time

Wilders already declining in the previous elections, in 2017, after a previous commitment to appear in Nieuwsuur. Oranje: In September 2020 we had a great conversation with Wilders and then made good agreements. We never expected him to take this step again.

It is tragic that in the next few days we will have three debates with VVD leader Mark Rutte, but not in a one-on-one interview with a top interviewer like Mariëlle Tweebeeke.

At the start of the series, Denk leader Azarkan canceled his performance in Nieuwsuur because of illness. He, too, did not want to come on an alternative date.

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