Geert Wilders in cassation against conviction for group defamation

PVV leader Geert Wilders appeals in cassation to the Supreme Court against his conviction in the ‘less Moroccan’ case. He insisted that politics and civil service had interfered in the trial.

“The court is blind. It could have seen what happened,” Wilders said after the verdict. I had hoped that the judiciary would say: ‘We don’t accept this’. They did.” Wilders spoke of a “corrupt system” and said that the court put the freedom of speech at the “bullshit.”

The court of appeal in The Hague condemned him today for group insult on the evening of the municipal elections in 2014, but acquitted him of inciting hatred and discrimination.

The PVV leader was not punished by the court because, according to the court, as a democratically elected politician, he has been paying a high price for his statements for years. Wilders has been permanently guarded for years, because he has been repeatedly threatened with death.