GeForce NOW has reduced the frequency below 60 FPS in some games

Users of the GeForce Now cloud service noticed a drop in the frequency in some games below 60 FPS. NVIDIA explained that this is not a bug, but a feature. It turns out that in some demanding projects, the frequency is deliberately reduced to achieve the best performance.

The list of games โ€” and the maximum FPS level: Dauntless โ€” 55 FPS; Immortals Fenyx Rising โ€” 48 FPS; Cyberpunk 2077 โ€” 45 FPS; Assassins Creed Odysseyโ€” 45 FPS; Jurassic World Evolution โ€” 50 FPS; Dyson Sphere Program โ€” 50 FPS; Valheim โ€” 50 FPS; Path of Exile โ€” 50 FPS; Outriders โ€” 55 FPS; Kenshi โ€” 50 FPS; Biomutant โ€” 50 FPS; Dying Light โ€” 50 FPS. However, if you choose a premium subscription to GeForce Now with GeForce RTX 3080, there will be no restrictions.

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