GeForce NOW subscribers in Russia will begin to compensate for waiting in line

Representatives of the Russian GeForce NOW announced the optimization of processes, thanks to which premium subscribers of the service were eliminated from queues. More precisely, most paid subscribers should no longer face the need to wait their turn – if this happens and lasts more than 15 minutes, GFN. RU promises to compensate waiting for the promotional code for the day of the premium subscription.

The service ran into problems in December when Cyberpunk 2077 came out โ€” people could wait their turn for hours. Due to the load on the servers, the maximum session duration was reduced to 4 hours.

However, today, after optimizing processes, the session duration of 6 hours was returned again. Recently in the West there was a rise in price of GeForce NOW, but Russia will not affect this.

The month of subscription will still cost 999 rubles – subscribers will have access to systems with RTX graphics cards for it. More on CCeit Netflix entered the four popular online cinemas in Russia Pre-orders Necromunda: Hired Gun – not at full price Sales Dead Cells passed for 5 million copies.