Genesis Noir adventure claims four IGF Awards at once

Organizers of the Independent Games Festival, which takes place as part of the Game Developers Conference, announced the nominees for the 23rd Annual IGF Awards. The most nominations received noir space adventure Genesis Noir, which claims four awards at once, including the main prize. The award ceremony will take place on July 21.

Seimas McNally Grand Prix Paradise Killer Teardown Chicory: A Colorful Tale Genesis Noir Umurangi Generation SpiritFareOutstanding Artistic Style Genesis Noir Arrog In Other Waters Shady Part of Me Call of the Sea CartoOutstanding Sound Say No! More Blind Drive Sunlight Genesis Noir Spiritfarer A Monster‘s ExpeditionOutstanding gamesdesign Teardown Disc Room Shady Part of Me There Is No Game: Wrong Dimension Signs of the Sojourner A Monster’ ; s ExpeditionOutstanding Narrative Lost Words: Beyond the Page Across the Grooves Genesis Noir Umurangi Generation Haven In Other WatersAward Nouveau Blaseball Nightmare Temptation Academy THAT NIGHT, STEEPED BY BLOOD RIVER Airplane Mode Welcome to Elk Umurangi Generation Chasing Light KristallijnBest Student Work Vessels Dorfromantik Some Old Stuff Rainy Season SYMPHONIA Hadr More on Gambling The authors of Mass Effect Legendary Edition used modifications as a landmark Fresh gameplay video Shadow Warrior 3 dedicated to the level That Damn Dam Elementallis fulfilled the goal on Kickstarter almost 200%.