Genoa disaster bridge hardly checked and maintained

The collapse of the Morandi Bridge in Genoa was the result of design errors, poor maintenance and poor controls. Experts come to this conclusion in a report of more than 400 pages on the disaster, which killed 43 people. โ€œIf checks and maintenance were carried out correctly, the collapse would probably have been prevented,โ€ the engineers and experts say.

Since the disaster in August 2018, the blame has been referred to operator Autostrade per l‘Italia. That company would have dropped stabbing in the maintenance. According to Prime Minister Conte, earlier investigation by the Italian authorities indicated โ€œserious and unforgivable negligenceโ€.

The experts now also say that there was a lot wrong with the bridge. Some pillars had barely been checked in the last 25 years and steel ropes had corrosion. Designer Riccardo Morandi had pointed out the risk of corrosion in the first decades after the opening of the bridge, but his recommendations were ignored. All in all, since the construction of the bridge, nothing has been done to prevent deterioration of the structure or to correct errors, the experts conclude.

Images of the Genoa disaster went across the world. We made this retrospective earlier:

The four experts were appointed by an investigating judge. They had to answer some forty technical and architectural questions, which were drafted by the Public Prosecutor’s Office.

Road manager Autostrade has not yet responded to the new findings.

The remains of the Morandi Bridge were blown up in the summer of 2019. In the same place there is now a new bridge, the Ponte San Giorgio, named after one of the patron saints of Genoa.