Genshin Impact refuse to add raytracing

The creators of Genshin Impact refuse to add ray tracing to the game, despite the technical capabilities of the PS5 and PC, to preserve the artistic style. The project team studied the introduction of technology into play, but quite quickly abandoned the idea as it would take a lot of time, effort and budget to be implemented โ€” these funds are better spent to much more important aspects of the project. Technically, it is real to implement ray tracing while maintaining the original style, but again, you will have to spend a lot of time for artists and technicians.

โ€œAfter realizing how much effort it would take and how it would really affect impressions, we decided to focus on other opportunities โ€” ones that would greatly improve the experience audienceโ€ . The Genshin Impact 2.

0 update will be released very soon โ€” it will add not only new partners, jobs, and even locations, but also a complete transfer of progress across all platforms. Release July 21.

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