Gentle cosplay by Idril Celebrindal from The Lord of the Rings

Cosplayer Anastasia Khlebnikova presented the image of Idril Celebrindal, an elven princess from the Second House of Noldor, who is known for the Lord of the Rings universe. Photographer Natalia Pchelintseva was engaged in the shooting. Idril is the second elf in history to become the wife of a mortal.

In addition, on the family tree, she is the grandmother of Elrond, who fought Sauron in the second era. By the way, this Friday, September 2, the premiere of The Lord of the Rings: The Rings authorities.

โ€ The project will unfold just in time for the second era of Middle-earth, when the famous rings were not yet created, but Sauron‘s influence on the fate of the world’s inhabitants has already begun to increase. More on Gambling Addiction Rumor: Apple will switch to new types of chargers Ericsson, a supplier of equipment for MTS and Tele2, will leave Russia The former head of Twitter security can help Elon Musk in his Logitech lawsuit leaves the Russian market โ€” apparently the last day of August 31.