George Martin asks HBO to extend Game of Thrones to 10 seasons

A new book by journalist James Andrew Miller on HBO mentions that George Martin asked the channel to extend Game of Thrones to 10 seasons. According to the author, the writer flew to New York, where he discussed this issue with the previous head of HBO Richard Plepler. Martin practically โ€œbeggedโ€ the latter to stretch the plot over 10 seasons of 10 episodes each, as he believed that the creators of the show had a lot of material to adapt.

In this format, the story, according to Martin, would have turned out to be more exciting and complete. The author was also allegedly worried that HBO had moved away from his original plan regarding the overall plot of the series.

Martin was nice to showrunner David Benioff and Dan Weiss, but after the fifth season began to worry that they began to deviate from the books, throwing aside the writers ideas. Judging by the estimates of the last season, viewers also did not appreciate the plan of the new authors.

Martin himself continues to work on the sixth book in the series, Winds of Winter, which still has no release date. However, if the author does finish work on the series, it seems that he will have a different ending than the series.

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