George Martin on HBOs “Game of Thrones”: The series has gone the other way

Game of Thrones author George Martin reported that the series creators took the plot in a somewhat different direction. According to Martin, he did not envisage HBO project screenwriters David Benioff and Dan Wyss managing to overtake the series already released novels, but they managed to do so. When the series started in 2011, there were four novels on the counters, and soon there were two more books ahead, plus he had a backbone compared to Martins plans project showrunners.

But those got around it anyway, but they did so, receiving a lot of criticism — the score of the series finale on IMDb is still the lowest compared to all other episodes. Finally, Martin added that in further books, readers will see his version of the storys conclusion — apparently, criticism of the series scriptwriters didnt make it past the writer either.

However, when the Winds of Winter come out, Martin again did not elaborate. However, it is known that the first spin-off of the main series about Targaryens past will be released on HBO in 2022.

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