George Martin signs eight-figure deal with HBO to create content

According to the media, George Martin has struck a five-year deal with HBO to produce new content. The sum of the agreement, according to the sources, is equal to some epic eight-digit number. As part of the deal, Martin will not only oversee future series in the “Game of Thrones” world, but also produce other things — like an adaptation of Roger Żelazna.

In total, for HBO across the “Thrones” universe, there are now five fresh projects — the closest of them, “House of the Dragon,” starts in 2022. In addition, Martin is also involved in the production of other series, including the film adaptation of “Wild Cards”.

And this is not to mention book projects, including the “Thrones” sequels, which have been working on for many years. More on Gamomania New Martha Is Dead trailer teeming with cadaver flies media: In Season 2 of Netflixs “The Witcher,” Wild Hunt Authors Virginia revealed gaming Triple-Adventure Last Stop.